Why We Are Here


We Are Here To

The Hopeseed Foundation wants to support people to create long-lasting, positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them. We do this by creating a network of people who support each other within their communities.

Our team and supporters aim to empower, uplift, and upskill adults and especially children with the tools and skills they need to live meaningful, healthy, and successful lives. We want every person to understand and realized that they have value and something they can contribute to this world – no matter their age.

We want to teach the adults and children we interact with that they can start small, even without any specific education. There are natural gifts in each of us, and it is from this place, without us having to do or learn anything that we start.

We believe that people should understand that they have value by simply being who they have been called to be and to support the development of skills that will allow them to discover kindness and connection as a way of living.

In order for us to upskill and empower, we need places of strong connection. And what better way to build these places than by creating vibrant, healthy communities? The Hopeseed Foundation is here to support the development of skills that offer ways to live in the world that are based on connection and what we feel are the necessary and most important aspects of living.