Who Are We


Our Vision

Supporting adults and children in our communities to recognize their intrinsic value, grow their self-esteem, and develop skills to live healthy lives.

Our Purpose

We want to empower, uplift, and upskill adults and children with the tools they need to live meaningful, healthy, and connected lives. We aim to support people to develop the tools they need to create long-lasting, positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them.

The Hopeseed Foundation wants to share our belief each person has a natural gift they can share with the world without any form of education. Every single human has something of beauty they can contribute to the world.

We want people to recognize that they have value, simply by being alive and teach them the skills they need to make kindness and connection a way of living. We believe it is in environments like these that we can create vibrant and healthy communities around the world.

Our Values

Our values and foundations ground us and guide us to build resilience and capacity in the people we support.

  • We value connection because we believe we do better together.
  • We value integrity – walking our talk and shining our light so others may do the same.
  • We also value compassion and a generosity of spirit informed by the understanding that everyone is doing the best they can in each moment.


Our Principal Foundations

Our foundation was created with the following principles at our core: safety, consistency, acceptance, and creativity. Here’s why:

  • Feeling emotionally and physically safe is essential to nurture development in children and adults.
  • When caregivers show up with consistency in how they care for and respond to situations, it provides a safe environment for a child’s development.
  • Knowing we are accepted no matter what we feel provides a place of safety and the possibility to build trust.
  • We create together and find ways and means to grow, heal, and develop through creativity.