Lily of The Valley Village



Lily of the Valley provides holistic care for children and youth who have
been marginalised through HIV and AIDS and a broken society.

Orphan Care

This project cares for up to 120 orphaned or vulnerable children and youth by surrounding them with unconditional love and support. We aim to create an environment in which they can flourish by providing a home, a surrogate family, and a profound sense of belonging.

Leadership and Skills Development

We are the children's surrogate family and, therefore, have a responsibility to provide them with the skills they need to grow and develop into functioning members of society. This includes providing the children with quality education and practical skills training and support as they transition into society.

Medical Intervention

Because most of our children are HIV positive, we have on-site medical facilities and personnel that provide the necessary treatment to keep our children as healthy as possible.

Spiritual Discipleship

Christians are people who have moved from being orphans to being adopted into God's family through Jesus. Because Lily of the Valley is built and run on these Christian principles, our care for the children extends to their eternal well-being. As such, we proclaim the Christian message to our children.

Challenges from Mike

Other services Lily of the Valley provides are early childhood development, youth development, counseling, medical testing and referrals, a special needs class for those who cannot cope with mainstream schooling, recreational and sporting activities, afternoon tutoring and assistance with homework, and an exit program to assist the young adults as they leave a sheltered environment and take their first steps to independence and self-sufficiency.

A task such as this presents many challenges, as our children come from hard places, and we aspire to provide holistic care. Support from the Department of Social Development meets approximately 30% of our financial needs; the remainder comes from private and corporate donations.

In recent years, it has been necessary to eliminate our community development programs and even cut some of the services we offer the children. Therapeutic services, job skills programs for our youth, and training for our caregivers, are among the things that usually can’t be offered due to restricted budgets. And while we are very thankful that no child at Lily of the Valley has ever gone hungry, it would be wonderful to provide a more varied and nutritious diet than is presently possible.

What we need

  1. Salary for an Occupational Therapist.
  2. Salary for a counsellor; with experience in providing grief counselling to children
  3. Four canister type vacuum cleaners (hoovers).
  4. Security lights: replacements for existing LED floodlights which have burnt out.
  5. Lounge furniture for House 16, which has none.
  6. Provide girls’ toiletries: currently 59 girls, of which 22 are age 11 and older.
  7. Kitchen cutlery or crockery.
  8. Provide a staple food item: for example: 180 loaves of bread weekly; or a weekly vegetable donation, in-kind or a budgeted amount
  9. Bicycles, all sizes: used bikes in good working condition are fine.
  10. Underwear: boys and girls, all sizes (specific quantities and sizes are available).
  11. Hot plates for kitchens: or replace older hot plates with ranges, especially in houses with older children so they can bake.
  12. Smaller kitchen appliances: kettles, irons, microwave ovens.


A little gift can make a big difference
Thank you for your amazing generosity.


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