Business Collaborations

Jozing Housing

Jozi Housing and Hopeseed Foundation are joining to support women in the Hillbrow and Berea community in Johannesburg. We have a group of women already gathering who are determined to make a change.  It is time to step forward with strength and kindness  to create change. It is time to build strong communities who can communicate and pull together to create an environment where they feel safe and happy to be living. Our government is struggling with its own issues and in truth the cliché of the power is in and with the people to create change has never been truer than it is in this moment.

This group is about creating safety, trust and developing support for each other. We are quietly starting a profound movement which begins with cultivating connection with each other. Change is not only possible but imminent, simply because it is time.

These women are afraid for their children for all the children and  they want better for the generations that are coming. They intrinsically and intuitively know there is a way forward and it is in building stronger healthier communities. Whether the project is to clean the streets or to support other women taking care of their kids while they work, or to grow food on rooftops and sidewalks, this can only happen when we know how to live in a community.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox was founded in 2016 by sister duo Nomzamo and Nosizwe to give people the tools they need to create wellness and health in their lives. With yoga as the base, the sisters share a range of tools to build focus, stamina and courage. Through the tools of breath, movement, awareness and connection they make wellness practical for modern lifestyle challenges. They believe that when the mind and body are in balance, a person can achieve their full potential. The sisters work with Hopeseed Foundation on the ground in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), primarily with underprivileged children and mothers in need.


We are not doctors or psychologists. We do not diagnose or prescribe. We are grounded in our approach of growing the skills you need to create the relationships you want; and we are fuelled by our passion to support you to create more intimacy in your life. We are connection and communication specialists and apply these trades to every Hopeseed Foundation project we work on. Our mission is to support people to develop more connected relationships through authentic and open-hearted communication.

"To shift the culture in our beautiful country, it is essential to meet the emotional needs of it's people. We are committed to disrupting the trauma cycle and supporting people to develop the skills they need to feel emotionally safe, to cultivate connection and grow strong communities." - Kate Founder of Explorare

Source Coders

With offices in Los Angeles, California and London, UK, we are a team of passionate professionals with over two decades of experience in the tech recruiting industry. We specialize in hiring for the fin-tech and emerging tech industries; matching innovative software engineers and tech executives to companies who share the same goals and ambitions. Our aim is to help foster the growth of these ecosystems by better connecting the people who make them possible. This business set up allows us to work closely with Hopeseed Foundation and be their fundraising eyes and ears on the ground throughout the America's.
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